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Dock for 4 Sonos Amps – Black

Dock for 4 Sonos Amps – Black

£160.00 inc. Vat

The Flexson Dock holds up to four Sonos Amps, keeping your install looking compact and tidy. Once the unit is fitted to a wall or cabinet the four Sonos Amps simply slide in. The Sonos Amps then click into place and are held securely in position via clever retaining clips. These clips will allow the unit to be mounted underneath a cabinet if required. There is also enough space inside the Dock to neatly run cables from all four units. The robust steel construction is colour matched to the Sonos Amp.

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Compatible with four Sonos Amps
Can be desk or wall mounted, or bolted to a cabinet
Designed to neatly hide cable entry
Precision engineered. Quick and easy to fit
High grade steel construction
Available in black to match the Sonos Amp


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