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Planet 60w POE Injector

Planet 60w POE Injector

£79.99 inc. Vat


2-Port RJ-45 interface

– 1-Port Data + Power output

– 1-Port Data input

1 DC 52~56V input power socket

Power over Ethernet

Ultra Power over Ethernet End-Span/Mid-Span PSE

IEEE 802.3at/af PoE standard compliant

Compatible with All IEEE 802.3at/af powered devices

Supports 56VDC, 60-watt PoE power output at maximum

Auto-detection of PoE IEEE 802.3at/af equipment and device for possible damage by incorrect installation

Automatic detection and protection of non–standard Ethernet terminals

Remote power feeding up to 100 meters



Quick and Easy Gigabit High Power PoE Network Deployment

The POE-171 is a single port ultra Power over Ethernet Injector with maximum up to 60 watts of power output over Ethernet cable. It is designed specifically to fill the demand of growing higher power required network equipment. If the POE-171 co-works with PLANET POE-171S (60-watt IEEE 802.3at PoE splitter), it can offer more PoE applications, such as:

■ PoE PTZ Speed Dome

■ Other Network devices that need higher PoE power to work normally

■ Thin-client

■ AIO(All-in-One) touch PC

■ Remote digital signage display

The POE-171 delivers the Ethernet digital data with DC 56V power over the twisted pair cables as an IEEE 802.3at Gigabit High Power over Ethernet Injector, and it supports distance from POE-171 to a PoE device up to 100 meters.

60 watts of Power over 4-Pair UTP

The POE-171 ultra PoE solution uses cabling standard as IEEE 802.3at/af PoE. Instead of delivering power over 2-pair twisted UTP – be it End-span (Pin 1,2,3 and 6) or Mid-span (Pin 4,5,7 and 8), it provides the capability to source up to 60 watts of power by using all the four pairs of standard Cat5e/6 Ethernet cabling. In the new 4-pair system, two PSE controllers will be used to power both the data pairs and the spare pairs.

Cost-effective and Easy Cabling Installation

With concepts of “Easy to install”, “Plug and Play” and “Simple troubleshooting” for business and home users, the POE-171 is in the compact size housing, and it provides one 52~56V DC input power jacket at its right side, one power LED and two PoE In-use LEDs (802.3at End-span and 802.3at Mid-span) at top side. Two RJ-45 ports — Ethernet port and Ethernet+DC port — are at side panel. Simply plug in the Ethernet cables and DC power cord, and the POE-171 is ready to provide high speed network communication and 60-watt ultra power PoE injector functions simultaneously with no need of software configuration.

The POE-171 Ultra PoE Injector is an ideal solution that enables network device with high power demand to be powered directly via the RJ-45 Port interface without the need to install power outlets and electrical cabling.


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