Sonos Sub

Hear and feel the difference when you add Sub to a room in your Sonos system.

Lower lows

Experience every rumble, roar and beat you’ve been missing with clean, pulse-pounding bass.

Higher highs

Sub takes over the lowest frequencies so paired speakers are free to focus on mid-range and high frequencies for a richer, more powerful sound experience all around.

Wall Mount for Sonos Sub

Flexson’s bespoke bracket for the Sonos Sub allows you to wall mount your Subwoofer in the ideal place to sound – and look – great. The Flexson wall bracket is precision engineered to perfectly match the size, style and colour of the Sonos subwoofer.

Compatible with Sonos Sub
Frees up valuable space
Allows for discreet positioning
High grade steel construction
Precision engineered. Quick and easy to fit